The Mission of AEDIN, by Carlos Rohm

Along with my wife, Claudia Laviada, we believe strongly in the good work of the AEDIN (Asociación en Defensa del Infante Neurológico). This charity, located in Buenos Aires, concerns itself with Argentine children who have neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy.

Concerned citizens formed AEDIN in 1964 to address needs unmet by a local children’s hospital. In 1982, AEDIN expanded its mission to educate children and support their caregivers. The organization developed an approach to rehabilitation that could be tailored to each individual. At the same time, AEDIN devotes itself to providing professionals with information about new treatments while also pursuing its overall goal of continuing to improve its services.

Often accompanied by family members, some 200 children daily attend AEDIN’s Therapeutic Educational Center for assistance with and education about cerebral palsy and other conditions. Group work is intensive and matched to each child’s situation, providing educational therapy designed to facilitate growth and development as well as improve capacities and skills.

Another great initiative is their Hello Program, in which AEDIN employs assistive technology to enhance communication, counteracting the isolation faced by many children with cerebral palsy. The agency also offers specialized solutions to enable children to move more efficiently and improve the health of their muscular systems.

About Carlos Rohm
Carlos Rohm is a partner at LCA Capital, an organization that helps Latin American families and organizations find global investment opportunities.

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